Wednesday, May 16, 2007

two finished projects -- finally!

I finally have two FOs to report!

I finished an afghan in Plymouth Boku -- it's similar to Noro Silk Garden, but lot's cheaper! The design is modular -- 9 by 11 squares, with a border. The color way is blue/green/purple/teal and pink. I started in on March 22 and finished on May 11. It's on display now at my LYS.

And I finished the Heartbeat Sweater from the Just one More Row pattern on May 12. The knitting has been done since December, but I finally wove in all the ends! The yarn is a flat, woven ribbon in a warm brown color. It was on cones and in my stash. If I recall correctly, the fiber is merino and I bought it on e-bay as a mill end from Dive Yarns.

The oldest project in the world (or at least in this competition) is spread out on my kitchen table. It's the afghan I started crocheting in 1989, using leftover tapestry wool from various needlepoint projects. I crocheted 192 squares over the course of the years. About 10 years ago, I crocheted around each square in black. A couple of years ago, I got 5 strips of 12 sewn together -- then I hid it in the stash room!

I know have another 6 strips made. Five more strips to go. Then sewing the 11 to the 5. Then crocheting a border.

It seemed like a good idea when I started it -- using up all that leftover wool!

No knitting for a few days -- until I finish grading my final exams.


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