Friday, June 15, 2007

1st almost FO

Hmm- gosh have I had probs with blogger & *just* getting in. Every time I try to enter, it refuses my login, I have to go thru the forgot password, reinvent the same *strong* password & it let's me in grrr!!!

Of course, now that I am in, I am missing my list of UFOs for the Challange.

So- let's do the almost FO one & I'll have another go another day to add the list.

1- Sunrise Circle jacket by Kate Gilbert.

I started this some time mid -06, say around Sept. Knitting the thing was both enjoyable & quick & I had all the components done by early Dec. Then till Easter, I phaffted around sewing the thing. Early May it was sewn & I bought yummo buttons, but I don't see my sister - the desired recipient till after the challenge to sew on the buttons, so it will miss out on the challenge, but this sure did spur me on to finish sewing & doing in ends etc. Otherwise, it would still be in pieces, cos much of it happened after the challenge start date passed.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

two finished projects -- finally!

I finally have two FOs to report!

I finished an afghan in Plymouth Boku -- it's similar to Noro Silk Garden, but lot's cheaper! The design is modular -- 9 by 11 squares, with a border. The color way is blue/green/purple/teal and pink. I started in on March 22 and finished on May 11. It's on display now at my LYS.

And I finished the Heartbeat Sweater from the Just one More Row pattern on May 12. The knitting has been done since December, but I finally wove in all the ends! The yarn is a flat, woven ribbon in a warm brown color. It was on cones and in my stash. If I recall correctly, the fiber is merino and I bought it on e-bay as a mill end from Dive Yarns.

The oldest project in the world (or at least in this competition) is spread out on my kitchen table. It's the afghan I started crocheting in 1989, using leftover tapestry wool from various needlepoint projects. I crocheted 192 squares over the course of the years. About 10 years ago, I crocheted around each square in black. A couple of years ago, I got 5 strips of 12 sewn together -- then I hid it in the stash room!

I know have another 6 strips made. Five more strips to go. Then sewing the 11 to the 5. Then crocheting a border.

It seemed like a good idea when I started it -- using up all that leftover wool!

No knitting for a few days -- until I finish grading my final exams.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh No!

I just found one more UFO!!!

And i've been asked to design a sock pattern and knit a prototype ASAP....


Monday, May 7, 2007

Here are mine . . .

Hi all, my list isn't anywhere near as impressive as Bex's, but some of it has been around for a LONG time!

1. Martha Squares Afghan, from a knit/crochet afghan booklet I picked up years ago, in teal acrylic (but it's actually pretty nice acrylic). 24 squares, and I'm halfway through number 19.

2. Felted Tote, from the Fall 2006 issue of Knitter's, Cascade 200 in gold, ecru and dark brown.

3. Socks in red/white Opal Mosaik, one finished and sent off to the recipient to check for fit, waiting for its return before I start the second one.

4. Socks in Plymouth Sockotta, set aside while I worked on the red and white pair, but I'd really like to get them finished.

Hmm. I said on the list that I had three UFO's, but that's four. Something snuck in there that I didn't remember not finishing. And there is a Koigu scarf lurking about here somewhere that may get added to the pile if it turns up.

I also have a pair of nearly finished baby socks in Lorna's Laces Rainbow, but since the only thing I have to do is to pull a length of yarn through the toe stitches and weave it in, I can't really claim those. That's five minutes worth of work, and I'd already have done it except that I took the socks along with me on my last business trip, and now I'm not sure where they are. They're not lost, just hiding.

Congrats, Bex, on finishing your oldest WIP's! I'm going ahead full steam on my afghan.

Steph's Stuff

Ok, here's my list... which was MUCH longer than I would have guessed before thinking about it!

  1. drop-stitch shawl - summer 2005 - finished 5/11. I hate it though, just didn't pick the right combo of yarns.
  2. red twisty turns wrap in llama seta - fall 2005 (I may frog, since I ran out of yarn...)
  3. cardigan in silky wool - april 2007
  4. green cable scarf from scarf style - summer 2005 (learning cables...)
  5. grey cable/bobble scarf from scarf style - summer 2005 (learning cables...)
  6. socks in lang jawolle cotton/wool - april 2007
  7. jen's cotton blanket - september 2006 - finished 5/15 (pics to come)
  8. sleeveless cowl neck in homespun - fall 2006 (practically finished, just needs edging)
  9. colinette hat - may 2007
  10. colinette mittens - may 2007 (to match an existing scarf)

  11. manos sweater - may 2007 - finished!
  12. green sleeves in flake cotton - february 2007 (one done, one started)
  13. gloves in soy wool stripes - dec. 2006 (one done)
  14. socks in blue/yellow self-patterning - nov. 2006 (one done)
  15. sleeves in aqua mohair - december 2006 (one done)

Sunday, May 6, 2007


OK, i'll kick this off, shall I??
Oldest to youngest...

1. Lichen Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks - just had to graft the toe on one sock. Really. Using Moonlight Merino Cashmere yarn from The Knittery
2. Thermal from Knitty, in my own hand-dyed 4ply - This baby has been frogged, restarted, frogged and restarted again. I've only done about 2 cm, but its on the list.
3. Vogue Knitting Winter 06/07 Bolero. Because of the stoopid vogue instructions, its waiting to have a few inches frogged and redone. About 1/4 finished.
4. Basic socks (that were a Xmas present) for my best friend. In Master Grey coloured Brown Sheep Wildfoote yarn. About 60% finished.
5. Skull potholders from The Happy Hooker, i accidentally did one side on a 4mm hook and the other on a 5mm. Needs frogging and fixing.
6. Slytherin Vest - about 20% done. In the round of course!
7. Dollar and a Half cardigan from IK - just the sleeves and the edging to go! In 8ply black alpaca.
8. Monkey socks - these have to be finished by tomorrow! (Birthday present!), i'm using Lornas Laces in Mt Creek, and am 75% done.
9. Branching Out scarf from Knitty - in Amethyst 2ply Silk Merino from The Knittery - easy lace my a$$.
10. Isabella Top from Knitty - using 4ply cotton in mauve - this ones killing me, about 25% finished.
11. My own pattern socks - using my own dye mix. About 40% finished.
12. Baby hat in 4ply
13. Baby bootees - 2 pairs. (did count these as one WIP each)

I am pleased to say that my oldest WIP (Lichen socks) are finished, as are the baby hat and bootees - hurrah!

UFO Challenge 2007

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