Friday, June 15, 2007

1st almost FO

Hmm- gosh have I had probs with blogger & *just* getting in. Every time I try to enter, it refuses my login, I have to go thru the forgot password, reinvent the same *strong* password & it let's me in grrr!!!

Of course, now that I am in, I am missing my list of UFOs for the Challange.

So- let's do the almost FO one & I'll have another go another day to add the list.

1- Sunrise Circle jacket by Kate Gilbert.

I started this some time mid -06, say around Sept. Knitting the thing was both enjoyable & quick & I had all the components done by early Dec. Then till Easter, I phaffted around sewing the thing. Early May it was sewn & I bought yummo buttons, but I don't see my sister - the desired recipient till after the challenge to sew on the buttons, so it will miss out on the challenge, but this sure did spur me on to finish sewing & doing in ends etc. Otherwise, it would still be in pieces, cos much of it happened after the challenge start date passed.

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