Sunday, May 6, 2007


OK, i'll kick this off, shall I??
Oldest to youngest...

1. Lichen Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks - just had to graft the toe on one sock. Really. Using Moonlight Merino Cashmere yarn from The Knittery
2. Thermal from Knitty, in my own hand-dyed 4ply - This baby has been frogged, restarted, frogged and restarted again. I've only done about 2 cm, but its on the list.
3. Vogue Knitting Winter 06/07 Bolero. Because of the stoopid vogue instructions, its waiting to have a few inches frogged and redone. About 1/4 finished.
4. Basic socks (that were a Xmas present) for my best friend. In Master Grey coloured Brown Sheep Wildfoote yarn. About 60% finished.
5. Skull potholders from The Happy Hooker, i accidentally did one side on a 4mm hook and the other on a 5mm. Needs frogging and fixing.
6. Slytherin Vest - about 20% done. In the round of course!
7. Dollar and a Half cardigan from IK - just the sleeves and the edging to go! In 8ply black alpaca.
8. Monkey socks - these have to be finished by tomorrow! (Birthday present!), i'm using Lornas Laces in Mt Creek, and am 75% done.
9. Branching Out scarf from Knitty - in Amethyst 2ply Silk Merino from The Knittery - easy lace my a$$.
10. Isabella Top from Knitty - using 4ply cotton in mauve - this ones killing me, about 25% finished.
11. My own pattern socks - using my own dye mix. About 40% finished.
12. Baby hat in 4ply
13. Baby bootees - 2 pairs. (did count these as one WIP each)

I am pleased to say that my oldest WIP (Lichen socks) are finished, as are the baby hat and bootees - hurrah!

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