Monday, May 7, 2007

Here are mine . . .

Hi all, my list isn't anywhere near as impressive as Bex's, but some of it has been around for a LONG time!

1. Martha Squares Afghan, from a knit/crochet afghan booklet I picked up years ago, in teal acrylic (but it's actually pretty nice acrylic). 24 squares, and I'm halfway through number 19.

2. Felted Tote, from the Fall 2006 issue of Knitter's, Cascade 200 in gold, ecru and dark brown.

3. Socks in red/white Opal Mosaik, one finished and sent off to the recipient to check for fit, waiting for its return before I start the second one.

4. Socks in Plymouth Sockotta, set aside while I worked on the red and white pair, but I'd really like to get them finished.

Hmm. I said on the list that I had three UFO's, but that's four. Something snuck in there that I didn't remember not finishing. And there is a Koigu scarf lurking about here somewhere that may get added to the pile if it turns up.

I also have a pair of nearly finished baby socks in Lorna's Laces Rainbow, but since the only thing I have to do is to pull a length of yarn through the toe stitches and weave it in, I can't really claim those. That's five minutes worth of work, and I'd already have done it except that I took the socks along with me on my last business trip, and now I'm not sure where they are. They're not lost, just hiding.

Congrats, Bex, on finishing your oldest WIP's! I'm going ahead full steam on my afghan.

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